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June 07, 2009


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some people need to get a life hun!! So well done on telling them so

Much Love Katy xx


Thats terrible. You know its just jealousy as they obviously arent half as talented as you.
Keep doing what your doing and enjoy it :0)
kate x


If I were you I wouldn't give them the satifaction of reading what they write, they are clearly jealous not to mention complete cowards xxx


Kelly... some people just suck! ignore them.. i love your stuff!


Melanie Marshall

Hiya Kelly,

I haven't blog hopped for ages and I just saw this post. OMG who the frig said this about you? What the hell do they know, you are quite clearly talented and I am hoping so much you get to the final. If you don't win, there is a big future for you because your stuff is gorgeois and your ideas are just so inspiring. I hope you won't let any idiots change your passion, I know I have lately because it really hurts you right in the heart.

Stay strong and for goodness sake.. keep creating!! Your kids are too beautiful not to be scrapped.

Lots of love

Mel x

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